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AI in Practice Training Programme

The time to upskill is now!

AI Business and The AI Summit London are delighted to present our new AI in Practice Training Programme for business professionals. Designed following the guidance of the Upskilling Framework laid out by the UK Government's Office for Artificial Intelligence, the course is developed to teach the skills necessary for the successful implementation of AI in enterprises.

The next programme runs for two days from 10 - 11 June, at 240 Blackfriars Rd, London.

There are three different courses available:

  • Industry-Specific Implementation 
  • Foundations, Leadership, Use Case Development & Ethics
  • AI Assessment, Implementation, Risk Management & Ethical Procurement

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Designed according to the guidance of the Upskilling Framework from, the UK Government's Office for Artificial Intelligence


To benefit the most from the course, delegates should ideally have a foundational understanding of AI and intermediate level of technical skills.

We've created a short pre-course questionnaire to help assess whether this is the right programme for you. 

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Solve real business challenges faced today

This comprehensive training programme is designed specifically for business leaders, operational leads, and project managers to enable you to successfully identify, launch and scale up AI projects that solve real business challenges.

This training course is designed following the guidance of the Upskilling Framework laid out by the UK Government's Office for Artificial Intelligence. Upon completion of the course, participants will possess the skills and knowledge required to initiate and manage AI projects in the workplace, using responsible and ethical procurement practices.

Unlock the power of AI… with support along the way

The training will be delivered in person by skilled trainers who have real-life experience rolling out successful AI projects in businesses. The onsite programme consists of interactive workshops, practical exercises and real-world case studies.

But that’s not all… the academy continues following the conference, with ongoing learning and support offered for three months afterwards, as well as invites to topical roundtables with like-minded AI enthusiasts.


2-day classroom training in central London


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Learning Outcomes

Confident Decision Making and AI Implementation

Delegates will learn the necessary skills to make informed leadership decisions regarding the use of AI systems in the workplace.

You'll develop an understanding of different AI approaches and their suitability in various contexts. Plus, you'll also learn how to articulate your needs for AI procurement and evaluate tenders effectively, ensuring ethical and value-driven implementation.

AI Terminology and Development of Robust Use Cases

You'll walk away with a solid knowledge of AI terminology, particularly machine learning, and be able to apply this knowledge to develop appropriate use cases within your specific occupation, industry, or sector.

By following the principles of the scientific method, you'll be able to identify and leverage AI opportunities that align with your business or team goals.

Feasibility and Suitability of AI Solutions

The course emphasises the importance of assessing whether AI is the right solution for a given problem. You will acquire systematic technical knowledge and learn how to evaluate datasets for quality in relation to AI implementation.

This critical skill enables you to make well-informed decisions about the feasibility and suitability of AI solutions, minimising risks and enhancing project success.

Planning and Implementing AI Systems

You will also develop expertise in planning and preparing for the implementation of AI systems, and learn how to lead the implementation process effectively.

This includes deploying AI systems in phases and ensuring a smooth transition to maximise the benefits of AI technology.

Creating Value, Mitigating Risks and Future Readiness

You'll gain insights into using AI tools and methods to create value for your organisation and understand the risks and challenges associated with AI projects, plus strategies to mitigate them.

Furthermore, the course addresses the impact of AI on the future of work and equips you with the knowledge to prepare your team members for an AI-powered economy.

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Ensuring Effective and Ethical Procurement 

You will get to understand the ethical considerations involved in selecting AI vendors, assessing their data handling practices, and ensuring ethical use of AI technologies throughout the procurement process.

On top of that, you'll learn to prioritise trust, fairness and bias mitigation when evaluating AI solutions.

Three-Month Post-Course Support Included 


One month after >>

A two-hour group discussion module led by the trainer one month after the training to address any challenges faced in implementing current AI projects


One-on-One coaching >>

A one-on-one meeting with the trainer to discuss a key issue related to your current AI project


Three months after >>

A two-hour learning and sharing module, led by the tutor three months after the training, where group members can share their successful AI project implementations


Roundtable invites >>

You'll also receive two invites to a roundtable with other business leaders interested in AI, hosted as part of our VisionAIres community. 


Advisory Board Members

Our esteemed advisory board members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide and shape our training programme.

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  • “A brilliant session crammed full of content and delivered with relevant use case examples by Adri Purkayastha, zooming on AI in Financial Services. I do not know how you managed to cover it all, but you did! The AI in Practice Training Programme provided a brilliant course targeting exec-level members and certainly struck a nice balance of technical detail and non-tech drivers for successful AI deployment.”
    Bob Compton
    CIO, Mobilize Financial Services
  • Great to see UK-based businesses, across many sectors, taking part in the AI Business' and #AISummit’s AI in Practice Training Programme - designed using the Office for AI’s upcoming Upskilling Framework. Being on the advisory board for this fantastic training, it has been great to see it all come together, to get going, with some valuable feedback from participants. Well done to all involved. We’re all now on a mission - businesses must change, transform and innovate to remain relevant and viable into the future.
    Kerry Sheehan
    Advisor, Alan Turing Institute


When and where does the AI in Practice Training Programme take place?

The training will take place for two days, from 10 - 11 June 2024 at 240 Blackfriars Rd, London, SE1 8BF.

It will run from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm GMT and includes tea, coffee, and lunch.