• “The rise of ChatGPT and other large language model based products has been keeping me up at night with excitement and fear in equal measure” Data is important to any industry that wants to measure th ...
  • For the past decade or so, the role of the data science teams has been relatively a straightforward, with a focus on collecting and refining data, training LLM models and building proof-of-concepts. H ...
  • 01Founders is a new kind of coding school and digital skills training provider in the UK. Their exclusive two-year learning programme, based in central London, prepares learners for the real-world thr ...
  • What obstacles does quantum computing need to overcome to be commercialised? Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionise computing by providing exponentially faster processing power. However, ...
  • Moderna, a biotechnology company pioneering messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics and vaccines, and IBM announced an agreement under which Moderna will explore next generation technologies including quant ...
  • Hackathon 2022 Winner: Athithya Balasubramani, Queen Mary University of London Athithya Balasubramani is a full-time master’s student at Queen Mary University of London. Focused on focused on newer la ...
  • Participating in Fujitsu's Challenge comes with a host of benefits for developers looking to create innovative solutions. Not only do participants have free access to Fujitsu's cutting-edge quantum te ...
  • The US Air Force are exploring the use of quantum computers to solve optimization problems for areas such as logistics, enhanced machine learning techniques and for quantum simulation to ultimately de ...
  • Quantum Computing Interview: Jelte Zwetsloot, Portfolio Consultant, Alliander Research Center for Digital Technologies - Alliander is responsible for the distribution of energy such as electricity, (b ...
  • Analysts and Editors from Omdia and AI Business have come together to give their insights and predictions on the tech trends that will shape the digital landscape in 2023, and beyond.

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