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Diversity in AI - 2023

Innovating with inclusion

Explore new ideas as we champion diversity and provide a platform to empower underrepresented groups in technology and drive meaningful change in the AI industry.

Discover the transformative potential of AI and ML in promoting healthy work practices, addressing diversity challenges, and unlocking new opportunities for all.

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Interactive Workshops at the 2023 Event

With a focus on ethical AI and overcoming bias, these workshops are collaborative spaces for business leaders who are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in their organisations.
Bias Detox

Bias Detox

Unpick unconscious biases within tech, understand their impact in the workplace, and develop strategies to minimise bias moving forward.
Together We Lead

Together We Lead

Transform your leadership approach and identify the strategies to build a cohesive, innovative team ready to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.


Help break barriers in someones professional journey. This 90-minute session connects practitioners seeking to advance, individuals from underrepresented groups and those looking to enhance their cross-function communication skills with mentors for meaningful conversation.

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Talent Connect

A wealth of diverse tech talent is available, but to reach this talent you might need to expand your approach to hiring! Meet top talent in this no-pressure environment for 90 minutes of speed-networking.

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Commitment Wall

As our sector strives to push the boundaries of innovation, it’s increasingly evident that diverse perspectives are key drivers of creativity and progress. Share your pledges to promote diversity and inclusion or get inspired by other delegates.

Expand Your Network

With attendees from a diverse range of backgrounds and industries, this is the perfect opportunity to expand your network with like-minded individuals and influential executives. Download the sample attendee list to get a glimpse of who you'll meet.

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Why is it necessary to discuss diversity in AI?

Diversity in tech matters because it is a fundamental human rights issue, however, there are also economic and practical benefits.

Underrepresented minorities are more likely to leave tech jobs due to unfair treatment, lack of advancement opportunities, and other diversity-related issues. Improving diversity and inclusion in tech could help to reduce turnover rates and increase retention of talented employees from diverse backgrounds.

A report by the National Center for Women & Information Technology found that companies with gender-diverse teams were more likely to create products that appeal to a wider range of customers and users. (The Power of Diversity: New Research Evidence on the Business Case for Women in Leadership).

And whilst BAME individuals make up 14% of the UK population, they only make up 8% of STEM employees in the UK. But Accenture is clear that companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity were 33% more likely to experience above-average profitability than companies in the bottom quartile. (Getting to Equal)

Who have you worked with to ensure this actually a diverse agenda?

Our program is curated by Jingjing Virgo with the support of Women in AI, the nonprofit do-tank working towards inclusive AI that benefits global society.

How can I share my story?

Unique experiences and perspectives are valuable and can contribute to a more diverse and inclusive conversation in tech, so please submit your speaker application here. If the word 'application' fills you with fear, then it's even more likely that yours is a story we need - please don't let imposter syndrome hold you back.


Join the whole AI community this Summer at Tobacco Dock, 12-13 June, 2024.
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