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QuestIT is an italian company, with 40 employers, specialized in the development of proprietary Artificial Intelligence technologies,it grew up 30% in past 2 years. We create Virtual Assistant who knows user' needs, learns and memorizes customers' buying habits like an human employee on an empathic basis. Our product Algho is the first 'Convesational AI platform', API based and low code, designed to handle augmented multimodal convesations. Digital Human customizes the answers to customers taking into consideration 3 aspects of communication: verbal (using natural language, vocal or text); non-verbal (accompanying what was said with appropriate expressions and gestures); para-verbal (analyzing the state of mind of the person with whom he is talking, his expressions to adapt the answer to the context). We create Digital Humans, 3D Avatars, that take on the appearance and voice of a real person. Algho offers different type of support: omnichannel (for example boost your contact center, your clients will open an assistance ticket simply using their voice), multilingual (over 10 different languages), 100% integrable with more than 380 software (CRM, ERP, etc); adaptable to all sectors. We develop in Europe the first avatar able to understand and produce Italian Sign Language, this capability improves the digital accessibility, mentioned by Gartner Analyst. We build the a new era of relationship between companies and customers through phygital and metaverse experience.


QuestIT s.r.l.
via leonida cialfi 23 Siena
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