My Money

My-Money is a patented and revolutionary payment system, completely biometric and device- free.
Credit card frauds are increasing each day.
30% of the world’s population doesn’t have access to Internet.
50% of people all around the world, don’t have a smartphone.
All our life is inside our phone, making it our biggest weakness.
That’s the reason why we have created a new payment system, making it extremely secure, easy, and fast.

Secure because no more frauds will occur thanks to biometrics. No one will be able to clone your cards, or steal your identity, because our system is based on the recognition of your fingerprint and the biometric readers are FBI certified: this means that they are able to detect if your finger is alive, and if it is you : a fake fingerprint or a dead finger will not work.

It’s Easy to use so everyone will be able to use it. No more barriers due to the technological misalignment, or due to the wealth or poverty of a Country, or due to the age of the user or to disabilities: reach out your finger and pay, everywhere and anywhere. You will no longer have to worry about having your phone without you, or having it charged, or even about being able to afford the latest generation phone.

It is fast because paying using your finger is a natural gesture and it will only take 1 sec.
There will be no more queueing at the entrance of the underground or at the stadium.
With my money you will have the highest security level on the market today for payment systems and access to crowded areas, and the best user experience
My-Money: the world on your fingertip.


Corso Vittorio Emanuele II
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