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The AIconics Awards – Solution Provider of the Year Shortlist

The Solution Provider of the Year award is for individuals who have demonstrated passion, skills, and world class expertise in developing an AI technology or solution.

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Daniela C Merlano Daniela C. Merlano – Founder – ThrAIve

Daniela focused her journey as a first mover of the use case of Generative AI Images for positive emotions triggering with over 180 people, now focused on emotions training, specifically in Courage Training for over 100 people, the methodology combining generative AI images for positive emotions training, has been able to decrease burnout in 90% of participants, increase individual wellbeing in just 7 days up to 29%, reduce team's anxiety and depression in around 4%.

Daniela uses innovative methodology combining positive psychology and generative AI Images for positive emotions triggering, now focused specifically on courage. She is scaling that solution to expand the impact across more people about the importance of Emotional Training and Mindful Use of Technology.


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David Fearne

David Fearne – Global Head of Generative AI – Cognizant

David's work with global partners addresses complex challenges with innovative solutions. His collaboration with a government organization led to a breakthrough in the use of GenAI in remote healthcare: a virtual clinician system that provides a population-scale, equitably entry into the health system and streamlines access to tailored health services based on patient diagnosis. Currently undergoing clinical evaluation, this system is designed to diagnose over 900 conditions.

During the development David created a novel framework for transparency and regulation of regulated generative AI applications, enhancing the virtual clinician's capability to recommend next steps for patient care, closely mirroring human clinical decision-making. This advancement was significant enough to merit a presentation of his findings to an All-Party Parliamentary Group at the Houses of Parliament, highlighting the potential of Generative AI in healthcare and its role in shaping innovation-friendly regulations.


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Dr. Darko MatovskiDr. Darko Matovski – Founder & CEO – causaLens

Dr. Matovski's groundbreaking work in Causal AI is revolutionizing the field of artificial intelligence, paving the way for more reliable, ethical, and human-aligned decision-making systems. As the driving force behind causaLens, Darko has propelled the company to remarkable growth, securing $50 million in venture funding. Causal AI addresses concerns around transparency and fairness in traditional "black-box" AI models by focusing on understanding cause-and-effect relationships in data. This enables AI systems to provide insights into why outcomes occur, fostering trust and informed decision-making.

His contributions to healthcare are noteworthy, from identifying positive treatment outcomes for heart failure patients to advancing cancer screening methodologies. Partnering with the Mayo Clinic, his team utilized Causal AI for non-invasive colorectal cancer screening, enabling accurate early detection through inexpensive blood tests and revolutionizing patient outcomes.


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Gary BrotmanGary Brotman – CEO – Secondmind

Gary embodies the optimal blend of visionary and pragmatist. Secondmind is the Optmization Engine empowering automotive engineers challenged with modelling and simulating increasingly complex, data-hungry systems for connected, electrified, autonomous cars. This explosion of data, coupled with a shift towards a software-centric vehicle design, creates an urgent need for advanced AI-powered optimisation solutions to tackle complexity and enable sustainable mobility.

Gary leads a team of automotive specialists, machine learning researchers, software engineers and data scientists, balancing the spirit of research with commercial outcomes to deliver innovative solutions for automotive manufacturers such as Mazda.


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Dr. Jaishree NaidooDr. Jaishree Naidoo – Co-Founder – Envisionit Deep AI Limited

Under Dr. Naidoo's guidance, Envisionit Deep AI Limited has consistently demonstrated exceptional innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, introducing groundbreaking solutions that have positively impacted medical imaging diagnosis, validation/ quality assurance and training. She is committed to pushing technological boundaries while addressing real-world ethical AI training and implementation challenges.

Furthermore, she has showcased remarkable adaptability and agility, swiftly responding to evolving market needs and staying ahead of industry trends. Dr. Naidoo has delivered tangible and measurable results for clients, with a proven track record of successful implementations, proving her excellence in providing ethical AI solutions. Collaborative partnerships, thought leadership, and a commitment to ethical AI practices further contribute to her standout status.


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Rosie BaileyRosie Bailey – CEO & Founder – Nibble Technology

Rosie leads the team at Nibble Technology, the AI negotiation platform that empowers businesses and brands to negotiate 1-1 with their customers on demand. Through a combination of industry-recognised conversation design, proprietary AI natural language models and academically backed behavioural science, working with professor Niro Sivanathan at London Business School, Nibble delivers win-win outcomes at scale.

Conducting 20,000 negotiations a month, Nibble is the most experienced human-computer negotiation agent in the world. 400 clients are currently using the platform to improve margins and conversion, allowing businesses serving SMEs to offer a bias-free, transparent and friendly self-serve solution for negotiating terms and buying B2B products and services online. 42% of negotiations result in an agreed deal and customer feedback is 90% positive on the experience.


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Following some brilliant nominations, the time has finally come to select your Solution Provider of the Year. Recognise the success of your peers and celebrate the wins of your colleagues by voting for your winner today. 

Here's a quick reminder of the shortlist:

  • Daniela C. Merlano – Founder – ThrAIve
  • David Fearne – Global Head of Generative AI – Cognizant
  • Dr. Darko Matovski – Founder & CEO – causaLens
  • Gary Brotman – CEO – Secondmind
  • Dr. Jaishree Naidoo – Co-Founder – Envisionit Deep AI Limited
  • Rosie Bailey – CEO & Founder – Nibble Technology

Voting is now open until 7 June and the winner will be revealed on the Headliners Stage at The AI Summit London.

Please note that voting multiple times will not increase the chance of success.


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