The AIconics Awards – Solution Provider of the Year Shortlist

The Solution Provider of the Year award is for individuals who have demonstrated passion, skills, and world class expertise in developing an AI technology or solution.

Following some brilliant nominations, the time has finally come to select your Solution Provider of the Year. Recognise the success of your peers and celebrate the wins of your colleagues by voting for your winner today. 

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Richard Ahlfeld Dr Richard Ahlfeld – CEO and Founder – Monolith AI

Dr Richard Ahlfeld is CEO and Founder of Monolith, a no-code AI platform used by the world’s leading automotive, aerospace and industrial engineering teams from Siemens and Honeywell to Rolls-Royce and BMW.

Dr Ahlfeld received his PhD in Aerospace Engineering and Data Science from Imperial College. He was named to MIT Technology Review’s Top 10 Innovators under 35 and was invited as a Research Engineer to NASA where he worked on the Mars rocket. Through his leadership, Monolith received Series A funding in 2021, was recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in AI in Automotive and named among UK’s top 100 start-ups.

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Valerii Babushkin Valerii Babushkin – VP, Data Science –

Valerii leads the team that created Blockchain's A/B testing platform. With this platform, businesses can easily set up and run experiments without the need for specialized technical knowledge or expertise. It leads to better user experiences, increased customer satisfaction, and ultimately, greater revenue.

Valerii's work continues to the shopping experience of more than 100 million people, and he is also a proud of Kaggle competition Grandmaster,  taking top places in some of the international ML competitions 



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Stefano GoriaDr Stefano Goria – CTO and Co-Founder – Thymia

Stefano is using AI to completely transform mental healthcare as we know it. Having worked at the forefront of his field as a Quant at JP Morgan and Citibank, he wanted to use his knowledge of AI to change the world for the better. At Thymia he is doing just that, by revolutionising how mental health problems like depression and ADHD are assessed, monitored and diagnosed using ethical AI.

He has created a platform that uses explainable AI and gamified versions of neuropsychology protocols to identify symptoms of different mental health conditions. His aim is to make mental health as objectively measurable as physical health, which could help end the stigma surrounding mental health for good.

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Daniela C Merlano Daniela C Merlano – Founder – ThrAIve

Daniela has improved the life of over 50 people with her use of generative AI images for emotional improvement, using active imagination and positive psychology techniques. Her patients have recorded a 90% improvement in their wellbeing state, after receiving the session with Daniela.

Daniela is now scaling that solution within an app to expand the impact across more people about the importance of Emotional Training and Mindful Use of Technology.


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Nina Jane PatelNina Jane Patel – Co-Founder / President of Research – Kabuni

Nina Jane Patel is a trailblazing entrepreneur and cutting-edge researcher who has dedicated her career to exploring the intersection of culture, mental health and technology. As the co-founder and Head of Metaverse Research for Kabuni, she is a thought leader on the physiological and psychological impact of the Metaverse, investigating the implications of safety, psychology and physiology of human interaction in this rapidly evolving realm.

As an appointed expert for Interpol's Metaverse Expert Group (i-meg), Patel brings her unparalleled knowledge and experience to the forefront of global discussions on this rapidly evolving field. Her insights have been featured on a wide range of media outlets, including BBC, DW, CNN, NHK, CNBC and British Vogue, among others.

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Drew SmithDrew Smith - CEO & Co-founder - Upp.

Drew Smith, co-founder of Upp., is revolutionising online retail with his innovative application of AI. Drew's mission is to ‘make eCommerce profitable’ with decision intelligence for online advertising.

Drew's passion for using AI to solve real-world problems has been the driving force behind Upp.'s groundbreaking solution which optimises advertising returns, enabling retailers to have the complete commercial picture needed to justify decision-making and achieve new levels of business performance.

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Yonah Welker Yonah Welker – Board Member – Yonah.AI & EU Commission Projects

Yonah curates, evaluates and co-creates the most critical projects, initiatives, and portfolios on AI for humanity, accessibility, and emerging tech. Yonah's current work is to reshape the future of algorithms, research and policy with a focus on social and human-centered technologies, ai, robotics, environments and solutions in the fields of neurodiversity, accessibility, learning, wellbeing

Driven by their own journey, Yonah has spent over 60 world appearances to bring awareness to the neuroexclusion crisis, the role of technology, society, and evaluation criteria.

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Vote for your winner today

Following some brilliant nominations, the time has finally come to select your Solution Provider of the Year. Recognise the success of your peers and celebrate the wins of your colleagues by voting for your winner today. 

Here's a quick reminder of the shortlist:

  • Richard Ahlfeld - CEO and Founder - Monolith AI
  • Valerii Babushkin - VP, Data Science - Blockchain
  • Dr Stefano Goria - CTO and co-founder - Thymia
  • Daniela  C Merlano  - Founder - ThrAIve
  • Nina Jane Patel - Co-Founder/President - Kabuni
  • Drew Smith - CEO & Co-founder - Upp.
  • Yonah Welker - Board Member - Yonah AI & EU Commission Projects

Voting is now open until 13 June and the winner will be revealed on the Headliners Stage at The AI Summit London.

Please note that voting multiple times will not increase the chance of success. 

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