The AI Summit London 2023


SME Roundtable - Creating an effective environment for AI upskilling in SMEs

15 Jun 2023
SME Briefing
SME Briefing

Businesses who adopt AI technologies outperform their competition by 11.5%. Despite that, research has highlighted a significant lack of employer-led upskilling in the workforce. UK employers in particular invest less in AI reskilling than their international counterparts (17% compared to the global average of 38%). Creating an environment which enables businesses to upskill in AI is a priority policy challenge for the UK. This discussion will look at three interrelated components of that challenge:

Part 1: Awareness of the importance and need to upskill employees in AI

  • What factors shaped the paths of SMEs in recognizing the significance of AI upskilling?

Part 2: Capability and access to resources to upskill employees in AI

  • What are some successful case studies of AI upskilling in SMEs?

Part 3: Incentives to upskill employees in AI

  • How can we ensure that SMEs cost-benefit-analysis of AI upskilling results in a favourable outcome for upskilling?
Liv Livesey, Policy Advisor for AI Skills at the Office for Artificial Intelligence, Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) - Office for AI

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