The AI Summit London 2023


AI Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

14 Jun 2023
AI at Scale
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The use of AI is proliferating across industries and is increasingly being used for high-risk applications. While this can have a number of business benefits and can increase efficiency, it also poses novel risks. Recent years have seen a number of harms associated with the misuse and irresponsible use of AI, and lawsuits are also starting to emerge.

Accordingly, it is important that steps are taken to identify and manage the risks of AI, ensure that AI systems are being used in a legal and compliant way – including in compliance with both existing and proposed laws – and that there are appropriate governance mechanisms in place to hold those designing, developing, and deploying AI systems accountable.

This session will cover:

  • Proliferation of AI across industries and high-risk applications.
  • Novel risks and potential harms associated with AI misuse.
  • Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance for AI systems.
  • Appropriate governance mechanisms for AI accountability.
Emre Kazim, Co-CEO & Co-Founder - Holistic AI

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