The AI Summit London 2023


The Future of Digital Advertising in a Cookie-less World

14 Jun 2023
Industries Stage

As the digital advertising landscape continues to shift away from cookie-based targeting, EssenceMediacom has developed a cutting-edge product that leverages the power of machine learning and AI to create contextual ads that don't rely on personal identifiable information (PII). 

This product utilises API-driven article extraction, advanced content analysis, and image recognition to create ads that are tailored to what users are seeing on their screens. By analysing article sentiment and content and identifying keywords and images, this approach respects users' privacy while delivering more accurate and effective advertising that is more likely to engage with users. 

In addition, EssenceMediacom plans to expand this product by using generative AI solutions such as Stable Diffusion to generate custom creatives for content. This will allow for the creation of dynamic images that are tailored to the content of the article, further enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of the ads. 

In summary, contextual advertising represents the future of digital advertising for EssenceMediacom and the wider industry. By leveraging AI and machine learning to create contextual ads without relying on PII, our product is poised to set a new standard for ethical and effective advertising in a cookie-less world. 

Behzad Rowshanravan, Data Scientist - Essencemediacom

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