The AI Summit London 2023


Fujitsu: Quantum Game and AI Juke Box [Suite QS2]

15 Jun 2023
Demo Zone (Expo Zone)
Demo Zone

Quantum game

  • How well do you know your qubits?
  • Come pit your skills against Fujitsu's Quantum Arcade Game.
  • Superpositioned and entangled fun.
  • This is a real game that showcase the benefits of Quantum to a business audience, without getting as technical as a Quantum Simulator. Will bring quantum technology to life, demonstrating scale and potential . The best gamer will get an amazing prize.


AI Juke Box:

  • A user portal to bring music creativity to life through using a means of AI lyric and music generation.
  • Users are able to create their own lyrics with he help of an AI engine (Human machine Teaming) which recommends appropriate lines for consideration based on initial user theme and prompt selection.
  • This way a user is able to expand their own creativity in different ways while demonstrating a new way of working (Digital Dexterity)
  • Users will be able to hear their music creations in the style of their preferred Rap artists, thus bringing the notion of traditional Juke box song selection, only this time it’s AI and user created.

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