Our Sustainability Strategy for The AI Summit Series focuses on four areas

Caring for the Environment

We are focused on engaging our venues with our objectives to be as energy efficient as possible. Ensuring that electricity is used expertly and adopting sustainable materials for event printing and using recycled or reusable materials from the carpet to the stands.

Diversity and Inclusion

We truly believe that diversity makes innovation flourish. We want our events to celebrate openness, to create a welcoming and friendly community, and to champion the technologies that work for everyone. Through supporting the initiatives of our partners and their work in schools, CV workshops, and meet-ups; to addressing how corporate culture and the technologies themselves are diverse, kind and mindful.

Supporting the Local Community

We believe that it is a priority to be an ethical and considerate business. Our events will enhance the wellbeing, equality, accessibility, and respect for all. Supporting local charities and proactively choosing local suppliers will offer community support and benefit those who might otherwise be negatively affected.

Meaningful Partnerships and Content

Our global event series has an impact on the way enterprises choose to adopt AI and the future use of those technologies is integral to everyone’s development. It is about leading the conversation on how industries can deploy AI in its full potential for social good and to help the world address its biggest challenges.