21 Mar 2023

Announcing the Fujitsu $100,000 Quantum Simulator Challenge

Fujitsu Stand: QS2
Fujitsu is soliciting applications from interested members of the industry and academia to test the quantum simulator on novel problems and applications.

Participating in Fujitsu's Challenge comes with a host of benefits for developers looking to create innovative solutions. Not only do participants have free access to Fujitsu's cutting-edge quantum technologies to aid in their project's development, but they also have the opportunity to collaborate with quantum experts who can provide valuable training, support, and insights.

Successful participants may have the chance to form future partnerships with Fujitsu, allowing for jointly-created technologies and services to be offered to Fujitsu's customers. As well as, co-branding and marketing opportunities with Fujitsu's partner network of venture capitalists and customers to provide invaluable exposure for the participants and their projects.

This challenge offers a unique chance to work with industry leaders and gain access to resources that can accelerate project development and commercialization.

Fujitsu has developed 39-qubit CPU-based state vector quantum simulator system consisting of 512 FX700 nodes with by using A64FX processors. The quantum simulator utilizes “Qulacs,” one of the world's fastest quantum simulator software developed by Osaka University and QunaSys Corporation. Fujitsu enhanced Qulacs so that it can be executed in parallel and distributed way on the cluster system utilizing MPI (Message Passing Interface) technology and optimizing memory bandwidth using SVE(Scalable Vector Extension) operation. Fujitsu has also prepared a software development kit (SDK) partially compatible with Qiskit, one of the major development tools for quantum computer software, to offer quantum software developers a highly convenient development environment.

.The objectives are:

  • Apply quantum simulator to customer pain points
  • Test the quantum simulator with real world applications
  • Explore quantum use cases collaboratively with participants selected by Fujitsu (the “Participant(s)”)
  • Obtain feedback from Participants on performance and scalability


  1. First Prize - $50,000
  2. Second Prize - $30,000
  3. Third Prize - $20,000

To participate, download and complete the application form and send it to by March 31, 2023.
All applications will be reviewed by Fujitsu and the Participants of the challenge will be selected based on problem innovation, breadth of applicability and resulting customer impact.

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