2023 Agenda

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  1. Quantum Computing Summit
    25 mins
    Where is the growth? What is going on with key stakeholders? What do the next 12 months look like?
  1. Cybersecurity Briefing (in Omdia Suite)
    25 mins
    Security has a very high profile in organizations, yet there is little sign of increased budgets to deal with this scrutiny – and indeed, budgets are often being reduced.  This keynote presentation wi ...
  1. Headliners
    25 mins
    It was a rare day in 2022 when there is not a metaverse-related announcement of some kind: another vision, statement or predication about its glorious future, a new metaverse solution, service or star ...
  1. Cybersecurity Briefing (in Omdia Suite)
    30 mins
    There are a reported number of attacks that effect the everyday household each year. Up to the point that in 2019 an estimated 11.5 billion dollars were taken from individuals due to ransomware attack ...
  1. Skills, Tools & Solutions
    90 mins

    A session where participants will receive peer-supported advice on their most pressing problems. GitHub CoPilot and other generative AI (GAI) tools have very quickly overthrown the way we think about how we write basic code. But what can they do to help data science practitioners attack complex processes such as data preparation and exploration, feature selection, model testing and so on? In other words, is it time for chatGPT to serve as your trusty data scientist “copilot”? Within this workshop, you and your colleagues can talk about the opportunities, challenges, and responsibilities that come with the adoption of this cutting-edge innovation.   

    Note: Spaces are limited and you will need to submit your challenge for solving when you reserve your spot for this session. 

  1. VisionAIres Village
    45 mins
    What are your top key challenges? What keep you up at night? Join senior executives at this exclusive discussion focusing on the key challenges in day-to-day business in terms of adopting, scaling, an ...
  1. AI at Scale
    40 mins
    Join this panel as we discuss the hot topics surrounding use cases within 2023. Where are our efforts best applied when making headway in development of products/services, automating task/manufacturin ...

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